Send us the pieces, as well as the requisition featuring the paint /finish painting you want and we do tests, which will be sent to you later.

GLOMA®, Lda paints all kinds of accessories: Buttons, buckles, cursors, rivets, others for textile industry; eyelets, others for footwear industry; screws and rivets for metallurgical and metallurgical construction; Cutlery cables, napkin rings for Cutlery, Painted Rice for Weddings, among others.

All materials are able to be painted, however, there are materials (listed below), whose adhesion of the paint is greatly reduced, being subject to a mechanical pickling and application of a special primer, in order to reduce the risk of low adhesion:

  1. Over-polished surfaces, such as chrome or nickel, or on polished stainless steel or mother-of-pearl;
  2. Surfaces previously treated with layers of oxide or varnish, where even if the paint achieves a good adhesion to the supplied substrate, can be easily removed by displacement of the treatment that serves as a basis;
  3. Products with a prior surface treatment.

Orders must always be placed in writing and can be sent to Gloma, Lda. letter, e-mail or hand-delivered. Orders are not accepted by phone.

Automatic painting is carried out in automatic painting machines that allow painting all kinds of small accessories in large quantities (bulk). We have paint drums with capacity for 6Lt or 15Kgs, and 20Lt or 40Kgs. To be possible to paint, the volume and weight values must be cumulatively equal to or lower than those previously shown.

In addition to the amount to be painted, another big difference is the finish, since this system only allows semi-glossy textured painting. All other special finishes/imitations are possible only with normal paint.