About Us

A young, entrepreneurial and dynamic team is the guarantee of a fast and efficient service, of increasing quality and permanent innovation. The constant demand for quality, strict finishing control and a painst customer service make our company the market leader and are the key to the success we want to preserve.
Markets where we are: Buttons, buckles, cursors, rivets, others for the Textile Industry, eyelets and other accessories for the Footwear Industry, accessories for Leather and Ironing, screws and rivets for Civil and Metallurgical Construction, cutlery cables, napkin rings for Cutlery, bottle capsules, accessories and bathroom fittings for the Metallurgical Foundry Industry, jewelry and jewelry for Goldsmith , Painted rice for Weddings (www.arrozpintado.com), among others.
We color the little things… in all industries.


Our Mission

To be a reference company in its sector and in the markets where it operates, distinguished by the quality of the services it provides, focusing on innovation and creativity and strict standards of professionalism and social and environmental responsibility.


Our Values

From the moment they are part of our team, GLOMA employees® absorb the organizational culture based on the following base values, so that together we can achieve higher standards of success, RIGOR, LEADERSHIP, TRUST, ENVIRONMENT and CREATIVITY.