Newsletter nº 56

Thank you!

We thank all the customers who took a few minutes of their time and completed our Satisfaction Evaluation Questionnaire.

All the answers and suggestions we received will be converted into opportunities for improvement, in order to adjust our services to the expectations of our clients in a process of continuous improvement.

Results Summary:

On a scale of 1 to 5, corresponding “1” to “Not Satisfied” and “5” to “Very Satisfied”, the results show an overall level of 5, revealing a Satisfaction index of 87,43%.

In a detailed analysis of each dimension, the characteristics that our clients consider the most positive are: friendliness, efficiency, trust, rigor, commitment, quality, availability, proximity, dedication and professionalism.

Finally, in an open response, customers characterized GLOMA® as: Trust, Partner, Efficient, Quality, Professionalism, Excellence, Cohesive, Discerning, Companion, Color, Love, Sympathy and Genius, among many other values that we are proud of.

We would also like to thank you all for your kind words regarding the question about your partnership with GLOMA® during these 25 years. Together we will continue to walk towards each other’s success.

Although we have obtained very positive results, we have some points to improve.

Everything that we can change in order to achieve the best satisfaction of our clients will be fulfilled!

We will continue to work on your improvement proposals to achieve the Total Quality you deserve.

The Plan is already in place … let’s move on to Action!

A big THANK YOU to all for participating and choosing to use our services in 2022!