Newsletter nº 57




– WE RECYCLE all banal and hazardous waste through specialized companies with the appropriate license to treat the corresponding waste. Non-recyclable waste is disposed of in an ecologically responsible manner;

– WE REDUCE waste and the consumption of everything that is unnecessary through the implementation of LEAN techniques;

– WE REUSE packaging from our customers or suppliers, avoiding disposable products as much as possible. Some waste of our raw material is used for other purposes, such as reusing paint cans for decoration purposes or other useful applications at our company by, for example, painting them and transforming them into colourful vases, umbrella holders, trash cans, pen holders, etc. Some of GLOMA®’s waste is delivered to a Social Institution we partner with, to be used in arts and crafts by their special students.

These are some of the many steps that we take in order to keep this world ours, because a small step in this common responsibility that is the protection and valorization of the environment ends up making a difference if we all contribute.

“The path we choose is individual, but the consequences are for all.”

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