Newsletter nº 36

We are proud to present the CATIM results regarding the following parameters of our painting:

  • Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – Salt spray tests. According to EN ISO 9227 – 2012: Class 4 – Medium, up to 15 years. In environments with high salinity, Chemical Industries, Pools, Shipyards.
  • Impact resistance. According to EN ISO 6272 – 1: 2011 Paints and varnishes. Rapid deformation. Height: 1000 mm; Weight: 2 kg; Result: Pass.
  • Adhesion by the grid method (cross cut) according to EN ISO 2409: 2013 – “Paints and Varnishes”. Classification 1.

The test reports were carried out at the Technological center for the metal working industry (CATIM) and have the following references: 20184001008/10, 20184001008/20 and 20184001008/30.

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