Newsletter nº 37

Thank you!

We thank all the clients who once again gave us a few minutes of their time and filled out our Satisfaction Questionnaire.

All the responses and suggestions we receive will be transformed into opportunities for improvement, in order for us to adjust our services to our clients’ expectations in a continuous improvement process.

Compared to last year we’ve had an customer satisfaction increase rate from 84% to 94%, which leaves us with a feeling of fulfilled duty and that all our effort was recognized and complied the expectations of our customers. However, we still have room to grow and improve.

Methodology: Quantitative, with data collection through Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire. This questionnaire was internally approved and adapted to the GLOMA® Market, and was sent to all active clients of our company in December 2018. The response return rate for the questionnaires was 26%.

Objective: To measure GLOMA® customer satisfaction index, and to identify points for improvement in our services, in order to better serve the needs of our clients.


Result Summary

On a scale of 1 to 5, with “1” corresponding to “Not Satisfied” and “5” to “Very Satisfied”, the results obtained show an overall level higher than 4, indicating a satisfaction index of 94%.

A detailed analysis of each of the dimensions shows that the aspects that our clients consider the most positive are: quality of services, friendliness and availability in service, innovation, knowledge, flexibility and efficiency..

Finally, in a free answer, customers characterized GLOMA®with concepts such as: Quality, Friendliness, Partnership, Innovation, Efficiency, Trust,, Available, Responsible, among many other values on which we pride ourselves.

Even with very positive results, we still have some issues to improve!

The lowest rating is related to delivery times with an average rating of 4 (on a scale of 0 to 5).

Despite the good satisfaction rating, the market is increasingly demanding, therefore you can count on our full dedication.

Everything that we can change in order to achieve the best satisfaction of our clients will be fulfilled!

We will continue to work on your improvement proposals to achieve the Total Quality you deserve.

The Action Plan is already in place — let’s move on to Action!

A big THANK YOU to all for participating and choosing to use our services in 2018!