Newsletter nº 39

Help us to get better!

GLOMA® has not yet confirmed my order, nor informed the delivery time?

Maybe they did not understand what I wanted? … I’m going to give them a call!

At the time of receiving your material, doubts may arise that may delay the conference process and, consequently, its production and delivery.

To make sure we have everything right, we can call you or send you an email, but in doing so we are taking time away from you…

Given this, help us to be faster!

For your order to be completed without phone calls or time losses, we request that you:

  1. Send/deliver along with the material a written Purchase Order (letter, waybill or email). This request should have the basic indications for the painting:
    1. Company identification;
    2. Identification, quantity, and size of the articles (if it is material to withdraw from the stock, please advise);
    3. Chosen colour:
      1. RAL Colour Chart;
      2. Pantone Colour Chart;
      3. RAG Catalog (GLOMA® Tuning Reference);
      4. Textile/piece;
      5. You can also mention the number of GLOMA® invoices, where the color is indicated;
      6. If it is a nonconforming sample (merged and smaller than 3×3 cm) and has no way of improving it (Pantone/RAL/RAG), give immediate permission to proceed;
    4. In the case of material with surface treatment (baths, etc.) please advise whether the mechanical pickling is authorized or whether the Client assumes the responsibility of the painting over the material with surface treatment;
  2. Please advise if you are awarding a budget or sample;
  3. If you need to comply with any specific standard, please state it in the Purchase Order (e.g Oeko-Tex Standard).
  4. Email to send the send the Purchase Order/questions related to your order: