Newsletter nº 9

Thank you!

We thank all the customers who took a few minutes of their time and completed our Satisfaction Evaluation Questionnaire. All the answers and suggestions we received will be converted into opportunities for improvement, in order to adjust our services to the expectations of our clients in a process of continuous improvement.

Newsletter nº 8

The tradition tile,

The elegant and delicate touch of porcelain…

The ceramic effect was inspired by the national symbol: The Portuguese Tile! This effect has the capacity to provide a porcelain touch to various substrates such as metal, wood or plastic. Its effect is enhanced when applied to low or high relief accessories.

Ceramicis the most Portuguese effect of our portfolio and it is the latest fashion!

Get inspired, ask for samples!

Newsletter nº 5

Glitter is in fashion!

Discreet or bold; homogeneous or multicolored, Glitter is found in several markets: cosmetics, handicrafts, fabrics, toys … and also in our finishes.

At GLOMA® we have a wide range of colors and sizes of Glitter to add shine and texture to your accessories.

Glitter can be applied to any surface and combined with other GLOMA® paint finishes.

Request samples and make your accessories shine!


Glitter was invented by Henry Ruschmann – Read the story of the origin of Glitter and its evolution, at:

New York Stores: Glitter: A Brief History

Newsletter nº 3

How can Light influence Color?

Rigor is the motto that accompanies us. GLOMA®, Lda has an automatic light booth in the paint tuning laboratory, with the possibility for the customer to choose the light source for the color evaluation.

Color is a subjective sensation created by the interaction of light with materials. It is essentially dependent on three factors: light source, object and observer.